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If you are experiencing any issues with your applicator we are more than happy to help you locate the problem. This page includes some of the common mishaps we run into - if this is not the information you are looking for please call us at 320-252-8999.

Electrical - Verify 12 Volt DC System

Pumping/Priming - Conventional

1.) Verify product in the tank and that the valves are open

2.) Verify all gaskets are in place, good condition and seated properly
                   - Filter
                   - Inlet connection (from tank) ; Swivel or Cam-lock connection

3.) Check for loose fittings and hose clamps

4.) Inspect for cracked fittings
                  - Pump housing
                  - Filter housing

5.) Inspect for plugs on output of system

6.) Replace valve kit

Pumping/Priming - Low Volume (Dohrect Enject)

1.) Verify product in the tank and valve is open and the proper orientation

2.) Check for loose fittings
          - Luer “box” fittings (DE-1000)
          - Pumping tube connection - verify a “click” (DE-1008.5)

3.) Inspect for cracked fittings
          -Thru-wall fittings (DE-1008.5)

4.) Inspect for any plugging
         - Filter on inside of cooler
         - Valve assembly on cooler
         - Flowmeter & connections

5.) Replace pumping tube (suggested annually)

What to

The motor doesn’t run

Is the switch/controller turned on?

Option 1:

Verify whether or not the red light comes on.

Option 2:

Bypass the switch/controller; simply take it out of the equation.

The connections that the controller plugs into on either end are a mated pair.  

If no:

1.) Bad connection at power supply: clean and tighten connections

2.) Bad motor: replace or send in for repair (if applicable)

What to

If not - check the connections at the power supply

RED (+) and BLACK (-)

Does the motor run now?

If yes:

Bad switch/controller - Replace or send in for repair

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